Sikap Mahasiswa UII terhadap Pelayanan Dosen Pembimbing Akademik dalam Pemecahan Masalah

Djuwarijah Djuwarijah


This research is animed to examine the responds of UII students upon the function of academic leading lecturer in problem solving. The subjects of this research were UII students in their odd semester (except the first semester) consist of 100 (a hundred) students. The research data were collected using the descriptive analysis and Z test Single Group by the application of SPS program craeted by Sutrisno Hadi & Yuni Pamardiningsih 1996. The result showed positive responds or acceptance among students at 48,96% very satisfied gave and 28.13% satisfied responds. This results hence showed that the UII student gave positive responds upon the function and service of their academic leading lecturer in problem solving and generally they had used such assistance in furthermore enhancing their study.

keyword : Animed to examine the respond, students upon, academic leading lecturer.

ISSN: 1693-4296