Effectiveness of asmaul husna dhikr therapy to enhance the self control of alcohol abuser

Fuad Nashori, Ina Noor Khiyar Nafisa, Rumiani Rumiani


This research was conducted aiming to find out whether Asmaul Husna dhikr could be using a treatment to enhance self-control among alcohol abusers. There were 18 alcohol abusers age between 18 to 40 years old as subject divided into two groups. The research used quasi-experimental method with nonrandomized pretest-posttest-control group design, comparing the conditions before and after treatment between two groups. Self-control was measured by The Brief Self Control Scale (BSCS) adapted from Tangney, Baumister, and Boone (2004) scale, which self-discipline, deliberate, healthy habits, work ethic and reliability as self-control aspects. The experimental group participated in asmaul husna dhikr activities for about 2 weeks. The result showed significant differences in self-control score between experimental group and control group, by its significant level showing p = 0.001 (p < 0.05). Thus, asmaul husna dhikr could be an effective treatment for enhancing self-control among alcohol abusers.


Asmaul Husna Dhikr Therapy; Self Control; Alcohol Abuser;

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