Pengaruh Variasi HA-TCP (Hydroxy Apatit-Tricalcium Pospat) Terhadap Biokomposit (HA:TCP)-Gelatin-CMC Sebagai Injectable Bone Subtitute (IBS)

Gani Purwiandono(1), Hera Julita(2), Dita Adi Saputra(3),
(1) Universitas Islam Indonesia


The synthesis of biocomposite (HA:TCP) – Gelatine – CMC for bone filler material has been carried out. In this research, the ratio of HA and TCP was varied as follows: 70:30, 50:50 and 40:60. The decrease of HA and the increase of TCP concentration will decrease the density, increase the percentage of porosity and swelling. The best composition for the synthesis was obtained for sample B with the ratio of HA:TCP = 50:50. For sample B, the synthesized biocomposite has the density of 1.67790 gr/cm3, porosity of 78.64%, tension of 10.14 MPa, swelling ability  46.85% and the sample mass degradation percentage of 8.1 %. The composition used for the biocomposite synthesis in this research was suitable to be applied as bone filler material which needs a dense pores and high tension.


Injectable bone subtitute; hydroxyapatite; Tricalcium phospate

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