Peran Partai Politik dalam Mendukung Tegaknya Supremasi Hukum

Bambang Sutiyoso


This research attempt to analyze of vision, mission, and the role of the big five of political parties winners on general election in 1999. And also how are their relations to law enforcement especially in Yogyakarta. And also what are the restrain factors faced by political parties to support the law enforcement. The result of this research show that in general the vision and mission of political parties are only lips service. There are only three political parties (Golkar, PAN, and PKB) which have a vision and mission of law enforcement in their AD/ART. The roles of political parties to support law enforcement are still not optimum. This is because of the protective regulation from political leader to give advocating to their members when they breaking of law. There are three restrains of law enforcement: first, the over acting of political party's mass which imply to the low of political elite to control their action in campaign exhibitions. Second, is the intimidation from mass to political party's cadre. Third, is because of no recalling act for a member of political party's in parliament. The punishment to political party's member who breaking of law, only through the meeting of political party itself.

keyword : Political Party, Supremacy of Law, Law Enforcement

ISSN: 1693-4296