Pola Konsumsi Masyarakat: Profil Perilaku Beli Konsumen D.I. Yogyakarta

Harum Murah Marpaung


The pola of society consumption in Yogyakarta has been changing started from monetery crisis on 1998. The changing can be seen from buying behavior of consumer who has variation. This descriptive research would like to know the profile of consumer behavior of Yogyakarta society in consuming goods and services. The number of 418 respondents has choosed as sample through stratification methods. Research findings as foolows: base on group of good, dominated by food (26,66%), finished food (17,04%) and education (13,93%). The frequency of buying consumer was monthly (65,3%). While, the place of shopping was dominated by supermarket (47,61%) and shop (28,47%). Majority of society in Yogyakarta use cash to buy goods and services (98,1%). Factors that can influence consumer behavior of Yogyakarta society with the specific sample (special group of society) can be assested in the next research.

keyword : Pola of consumption, behavior of consumer consumption, shopping allocation, place of shopping, tool of payment

ISSN: 1693-4296