Kitab Simbur Cahaya Studi Pergumulan Dialogis Agama dan Adat Lokal

Yusdani Yusdani


This research traces the Book of Simboer Tjahaja. The Book of Simbur Cahaya) constitutes written resources that has been ever applied in the Residence of Palembang – now this juridiction including South Sumatra Province. The focus of the research is (1) how is the interaction between Islam and local culture at South Sumatra as recorded by the Book of Simbur Cahaya? What aspects of Simbur Cahaya reflect Islam?The result of this research indicates that (1) the book of Simbur Cahaya consitutes a book of tradition that has been applied at South Sumatra society and it was regarded as the work of Ratu Sinuhun, the Queen of Palembang (South Sumatra) who governed from 1639 to 1650, (2) the Book of Simbur Cahaya contains the doctrine relating to adat law of the region. Adat law includes ethics and moral educations for society of South Sumatra generally and in particular regarding the youth intercourse of the region, (3) the ethics and moral educations of the Book of Simbur Cahaya describe that influenced by Islam both in formal and materials aspects, and (4) to build and develop the glorious values of Indonesian nation, especially for society of South Sumatra, the ethics and moral values in The Book of Simbur Cahaya are possible and justified to consider. Even, if this relates to explore and to develop provincial cultural values of autonomy era currently.

keyword : Islam, Simbur Cahaya and Palembang.

ISSN: 1693-4296