Tingkat Kesetaraan Gender Pada Usahatani Padi di Kecamatan Mlati Kabupaten Sleman

Unggul Priyadi


Mlati is the one region of central rice production in Sleman. Some villages in Mlati experienced conversion of farmland to non farmland. Research has conducted in 2004 and used cross sectional data with purposive sampling method. Analysis of data applied Gender Inequality and Equivalent Index (IKKG) and descriptive model. The result shows that agriculture activities in each stageserves job opportunity for men and women but in gender perspective there is a gender bias. To avercome this situation it needs technical training and instruction of cultivation by agriculture institution equality for both of them. To enhance gender equality in Mlati, any kind of data in gender perspective should be represented completely.

keyword : Gender Inequality and Equivalent Index (IKKG), rice farm, gender perspective, coversion of farm

ISSN: 1693-4296