Penegakan Hukum terhadap Pencemaran Udara yang Diakibatkan oleh Angkutan Umum Bus Kota di Kota Yogyakarta

Zairin Harahap


Contamination resulted from Air is town bus publik transport have griped many by society. In fact to prevent and overcome the happening of contamination of the air, Government Town Yogyakarta have a set law and regulation at the same time form institution which is duty to guard execution from the law and regulation. But, in in reality, execution and straightening of law from the law and regulation show various its weakness. Leave from the phenomenon of research about Straightening of Law to Contamination Resulted From Air is Publik Transport Bus Town in Town Yogyakarta become to be needed. Especial target and coverage from this research is to know and analyse the straightening of law by Government Town Yogyakarta to prevent and overcome contamination of resulted from air is Bus Town publik transport. Data which needed in this research field data and bibliography data. Field data obtained by raising interview and kuesioner to some responder in various institution which have competence, that is; On Duty Communication of Town Yogyakarta, Office Operation of Environmental Impact of Town Yogyakarta, Part Of Governmental Law of Town Yogyakarta, and Co-Operation Bus Town Yogyakarta (including official member, owner / entrepreneur, and driver). While bibliography data obtained by using law and regulation and literature which related to research obyek From obtained data can be concluded that straightening of law to prevent and overcome contamination resulted from air is Bus Town publik transport still very weak. Transgression by Bus Town publik transport do not fall by penalization properly, both for having the character of administration sanction (like deduction to application of route permit) and also having the character of crime sanction ( like [penalty/fine] or coop

keyword : Straightening Of Law, Governmental [of] Town Yogyakarta, Bus Town.

ISSN: 1693-4296