Tenggelamnya Pulau Nipa terhadap Perjanjian Perbatasan Indonesia Singapura Tahun 1973

Sefriani Sefriani


Nipa island is definitely not going to sink. This was the result conducted by Marine Geological Institute, The Republic of Indonesia. This research answered current issue related the possibility of the sinkage of the Nipa Island which was issued by some government official and published by several Indonesian newspapers. My study proved existence of Nipa does not affect the 1973 Treaty between Indonesia and Singapore in regard wirh terotorial delimitation between both states in Singapore Strait. Eventhough Nipa Island is one of the outmost island of Indonesia, the 1973 treaty did not use the island as point of delimitation between both states in the straits. However the island will affect Indonesian territory in future treatie regarding territorial delimitation among Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia in Singapore strait. My study also proved that it is not appropriate if “Rebus sic stantibus“ doctrine is implemented in the case of Nipa island. It is stated in article 61 of the 1968 Vioenna Convention that a party can request nullification of a treaty if object of the treaty is destroyed or disappeared as sinkage of an island.

keyword : Nipa Island, sinkage

ISSN: 1693-4296