Dampak Pembangunan Kampus Terpadu Universitas Islam Indonesia terhadap Kehidupan Masyarakat Sekitar

M. Syamsudin, Saru Arifin, Irwan Nuryana


This research aims to know the perception of the people around the central campus of UII about the impact of UII development in economic, healthy, education, and dakwah. This research is using the primer data, which is taken from the respondent by interviewing them. The respondents of this research are consisting of three groups. They are the indigenous society, outsider society, and adult society, where they live around of UII. The sample, from those population are taken as much as 18 respondents which costing of three samples from each sample. The result of this research shows, that the development of central campus of UII in Kaliurang Street has positive impact for the society’s economic income around the UII, and also in the education and dakwah impact. The societies feel the use full of UII development in their home area. Because of UII they knowledge improved. But, in the healthy aspect, societies feel it’s negative impact. Because the weather feel so hot, the pollution is increase, and their well is often dry since UII built near of their village. The respondents hope for UII to recruit a few of them as one of UII’s official employee. Through this way, the society will give their best to support the UII for the next time.

keyword : Impact, Economic, Healthy, Education, Dakwah

ISSN: 1693-4296