Hubungan Motivasi Studi dengan Prestasi Akademis Mahasiswa Program Diploma III FE UII

Akhmad Muhadi


The motivation of student on their study and related with their academic performance is a relevant and important topic to be studied at Diploma Program of Faculty of Economics, Islamic University of Indonesia, since motivation is the determinant factor on enhancing the academic performance. Other factor that relevance also to be researched related with motivation is the objectives of student taking this Program. There are 4 categories of the student objectives: 1) continued their study at undergraduate program (S-1); 2) find jobs; 3) student status orientation; and 4) others. The objectives of taking this program become relevance since the individual objective to do things builds to his own motive of achievement. It will becomes the interesting topic to be researched based on qusetion is the different objectives of student taking this Program relates to motivation and achievement of their academic performance. This study will benefited to the Program on helping the arrangements of the strategic decision on academics programs in the future. The variables on this research are developed based on Victor Vroom’s motivation theories, those are: expectancy, instrumentality, and valance. These variables are implemented to explore their perception on their motives of study at this program. Otherwise, the variable of academic performance is representing by academic standard of performance in cumulative index (IPK). This research delivered a questioner to the respondent as the research instrument which was tested based on validity and reliability using the statistical tests inters item-total correlation and Cronbach’s Alpha. The populations of this research are the student of Diploma Program of Faculty of Islamic University of Indonesia. Using the proportional sampling, this research observed 214 students. Pearson’s Correlation is used to analyze the correlation between motivation variables and academic performance variable. ANOVA, Tukey Test, and Scheffe’s Test are utilized to analyze the differences between motivation and academic performance for among different groups of study objectives. The research findings are: 1) there is no significant correlation between motivation (in perception of expectancy, instrumentality, and valance) of the student and academic performance; 2) there is different motivation significantly between motivation and academic performance for among different groups of study objectives.

keyword : Motivation, Academic performance, Correlation test, test of differences

ISSN: 1693-4296