Validitas Prediktif Ujian Penerimaan Calon Mahasiswa Universitas Islam Indonesia terhadap Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif Mahasiswa

Irwan Nuryana Kurniawan


This Research aim to to test by empirik Tes UPCM UII can efficacy memprediksi learn accepted UII student, which is measured use Academic Indek Achievement (Indek Prestasi Akademik / IPK). Hypothesis which [is] raised in this research there is positive relation/link] [among/between] Tes UPCM UII score with Index Achievement Akademik UII student. This Research entangle 2400 research subjek that is UII student coming from 12 study program exist in UII environment and come from generation 1999 and 2000. measurement of Variable Tes UPCM UII and UII student akademik achievement [done/conducted] by using obtained sekunder data from Center Information System (Pusat Informasi / Pusinfo) UII. Hypothesis Research tested statistically by using double regresi analysis with stepwise method. In general result of this research show that UPCM UII not yet fully can become prediktor which is consistence and signifikan to attainment of UII student akademik achievement in the future. Furthermore research about quality of UPCM UII problem, score swampy forest restriksi and reliabilitas at akademik achievement variable and Tes UPCM UII, and also psychological factor [is] non is cognate, will give more intact picture about Tes UPCM UII prediksi energy.

keyword : Validity Prediktif, UPCM UII

ISSN: 1693-4296