Profil Penerapan Manajemen Masjid di Kecamatan Ngemplak Sleman

M. Hajar Dewantoro


This research aims at acquiring a description of mosque managerial implementation surrounding Ngemplak Sleman Sub districts. The used theory is perfect mosque management that becomes a guide line of religious Affairs Department Mosque of DIY. Using survey, simple random sampling and description technique, prove that managerial implementation of mosques management surroundings Ngemplak Sleman Sub District have relatively worked, despire can not conducted optimally , either viewed in aspect of riayah, idarah and imarah. Viewed in aspect of riayah (physical building), most of mosques, Religious Foundation land have been certified for Religious foundation. Building mosques have been generally sufficient as worship place. Weekly and every daily mouse clearing keeps be being maintained well. Viewed in aspect of idarah (management) of mosque, most ofthem have implemented a planning, a staffing, and controling, though have not been very perfect. Viewed in imarah (management) of mosque, the worship implementation of either five times prayer or jum’at prayer have been active enough, despite the number of community is not too significant caused by work activity. The recitation and qur’anic education garden have been a very good media of people education and building in the frame work of managing their mosque. Community economy potency such as; qur’ban, zakat, infak, and shadaqah have been working,yet have not been managed optimally.

keyword : Management, Riayah, idarah, imarah.

ISSN: 1693-4296