Peta Keberagamaan Mahasiswa Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta

Aden Wijdan


The Current of globalization that attacks Moslem countries has strong contribution toward Moslems attitude, as the result, the condition creates mapping thoughts Islamic views, moreover in the form of movement. The research wants to find out a religiosity map of students of Islamic University of Indonesia. Because so many forms of thoughts toward Islamic views, so the research want to find out three views only, there are humanist, liberalist, and fundamentalist. The research uses a descriptive-interpretative model in which the researcher explains and interprets all data that have link with the such problems. The result of analyzing, from 170 students of Islamic University of Indonesia had discovered that 121 respondents (71.18%) are categorized as Islamic humanist group, 39 respondents (22.94%) are categorized as Islamic fundamental group, 6 respondent (3.53%) are categorized as Islamic liberalist group, and 4 respondent (2.35%) did not chose any question available on questionnaire. Referred to the field of their study, sown that students who take social studies tend to do more humanist than students who take exact studies. The other way, the exact students tend to do more fundamentalist.

keyword : Humanis, Fundamentalis, Liberal

ISSN: 1693-4296