Analisis Isi Pemberitaan Kuota 30 Persen Bagi Perempuan di Lembaga Legislatif pada Pers Daerah

Susilastuti DN


The problem of 30 percent quota for women representative in the people of representative council has significantly meaning in the implementation context. The newspaper as a bridge between the supreme structure and the infrastructure has significant role to give the information about that. According to this background of problem, the research of the local news papers role in publishing of the 30 percent quota for the women representative is quit important to do. This research is using the content analysis from any sources, which consist of sex of informant, type of news cover, count of column, the topic and place of page. This research focuses on December 2003 and January 2004 news edition. The result of this research show, that most of the news paper as a sample still using the male informant than women, and most of them from the bureaucracy. It also most of the topic raised is pro and contra about this problem. According to this result, the researcher suggests that it is need the orientation to journalist and redactor in order to understand about the significantly meaning of the equitable of gender.

ISSN: 1693-4296