Pencurian Mayat: Studi Kasus Terpidana Sumanto

Aroma Elmina Martha


This Research study about causes which background overshadow Sumanto defendant conduct theft dead body . As known that its case still very scarce and enough make a stir, because beside he steal dead body, he also eat dead body. This research represent descriptive research, by using approach of yuridis-criminologis. This research utilize free interview method and also observation and structure. Analysis technique used by analysis qualitative. This research conclude that which background overshadow Sumanto conduct body snatching that is because background overshadow by reason of or economics felt poorness is very weighing against of its life so that in x’self there is desire motivation so that so that rich quickly by way of overtaking without needing strive, and that short cut is by stealing dead body even eating him. Deed which is very digressing the conducting of caused by guide from its so called teacher of Taslim. Deed steal and eat this dead body [doing/conducting] of in one’s sober senses planned and without feeling there is moment moral obligation dohim. Affect from its deed very is fretting of society specially Majatengah countryside district of Kemangkon, Purbalingga, besides its deed is assessed is same once heedless of religion norm and value which going into society effect. Behavioral of bizzare Sumanto the also background by education storey; level low, knowledge [of] religion which is minim and also attention which is both of its parent during small so that bringing influence at growth bounce it.

keyword : eat, dead body, Sumanto

ISSN: 1693-4296