Peranan Sektor Industri terhadap Pembentukan Pendapatan dan Penyerapan Tenaga Kerja di Kabupaten Dati II Cilacap

Unggul Priyadi


Cilacap is one of the Growing Center in the south side of Central Java Province. Industry sector plays role as the leading sector in the district. This sector continually performs contribution to RGDP of Cilacap and shift role of agricultural sector. Analysis of this research is based on time series data ranging 1991-1998. Industrial data is grouped into ISIC 5 digit. Data analysis used “share by industri”, “share by region” dan “location quotient”. Conclusion in this research indicates that the the stucture of industry in Cilacap Districthas been changging significantly. The change is specified by the transformation of the role in output forming and labor originated from: food, beverage, and tobacco industries; and paper, materials made from paper, publishing, printing industries to food, beverage, and tobacco industries, chemicals, chemicals materials, oil, coal, and plastic; and also non-metal mine industries (except coal and oil)

keyword : industrial sector, RGDP, labour.

ISSN: 1693-4296