Potret Kehidupan Mahasiswa Universitas Islam Indonesia di Pondokan

M. Syamsudin


This research is a field research to analyze what are the Islamic University of Indonesia student’s activities in their rent house. The subjects of this research are students, rent house owners, and region apparatuses, which are consisted of 1039 respondents selected by random sampling. Analysis is conducted by using the descriptive method. The results showed that the owners of the rent accompany kinds of the UII Student’s rent house house which amount of Rp. 1000.000 per years. Even the facilities of the students rent house for the first time the lived in were nothing, except the general faculties. Even the student’s activities in their rent house including the religion activities were rarely. The students more like to do their homework in their rents house than another place. The social interaction of students in their rents house are good, neither but nor out side their rents house. Even the preferential to chose living in the rent houses are based on some reasons that were: the nearby from campus, mosque and situation. Most of the owners of the rent houses placed by students were responsible to give their rights.

keyword : Students, the owners oh the rent house, the students activities in the rent house

ISSN: 1693-4296