Konsep Epistemologi Hukum Islam: Perspezktif Muhammad Abed Al-Jabiri

Nur Kholis


Al-Jabiri, one of Maroco’s Islamic scholar, focused his studies on epitemologist area of how to product fiqh. He offered epistem bayani, burhani and ‘irfani. The problems are what they are and what their contribution on Islamic law thought. Episteme bayani covers many discipline of sciences that maked Arabic language as their central, for example balagah, nahwu, fiqh, usul al-fiqh, and kalam. Episteme burha>ni< depends on human five senses, their experience and their ration. Episteme burhani makes reality as its sources. And epistem ‘irfani makes intuitin as its sources. The main source of it is individual experiences. Epiteme bayani contributes Islamic thought as the keeper of otenticities of Islamic teachings, because this episteme makes nas and text as the measure of realities. In other side, this episteme caused the Islamic law not strong enough to face the challenges of the real life. Epiteme burhani contributes Islamic thought by preparing rational platform of episteme bayani (ta’sis al-bayan ‘ala al-burhan). And epistem ‘irfani gives contribution on interreligious understanding in social life (plural life).

keyword : epistemologist, bayani, burhani, ‘irfani, Islamic law

ISSN: 1693-4296