Penerapan Prinsip-prinsip Syariah pada Bank Nasional Indonesia (BNI) Syariah Cabang Yogyakarta

Dadan Muttaqien


BNI Syaria stand up and operate on the date of 29 April 2000. representing the part of Strategic Businness of Unit Ritel, with the philosophic base: Do not contain the lap element, downright and Real correct, Fair, and fair profit. base laws; UU No. 23 Year 1999, UU No. 7 Year 1992, UU No. 10 Year 1998 about Banking, Handbill of BI of Business of Arrangement and Development of Banking No. 32/2/UPPB, 12 May 1999, SK of Board of directors of BI No. 32/34/KEP/DIR, 12 May 1999 about Public Bank [of] Pursuant To Moslem law Principle. Basis for law normatifnya [is] syari’at Islam. The Product of BNI Syaria Branch the Yogyakarta have legalistic of Islam, because have as according to soul of nash Al Qur’An and also Al Sunnah and also opinion of all fuqaha. And so do system weared in commercializing have as according to soul Punish Islam.

keyword : Unit Retail, Public Bank, Moslem law

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