Penegakan Supremasi Hukum di Era Reformasi Pemerintahan BJ. Habibie dan Abdurrahman Wahid

Jawahir Thontowi


This research represent research punish normatif through approach of juridis-empiris, that is with studying regulation of yielded by law is governance of BJ. Habibie And Abdurrahman Wahid, and also efforts performed within realizing rule of law at this reform era Result of research indicate that big change in its bearing with straightening of law have been conducted by BJ. Habibie. That thing is in marking for example with giving of liberty of the press guarantee, komitmen at clean governance creation (government clean and governance good), military jurisdiction execution for the man who impinge HAM Trisakti and KKN pemeberantasan though that thing not yet succeeded. And also also yielding of some law and regulation product which is reformatif. In its bearing with effort uphold system of judicature and law, seen that governance of Abdurrahman enough have strong komitmen. That thing is for example expressly place to domicile Police as enforcer punish and society pengayom. But that way, image of[is straightening of previous law in the early reform have shown positive symptom, is again smeared by law scandal befalling Abdurrahman One as President at the time, in the form of releasing of Memorandum I, II And III by DPR which tip of who is from Presidency chair

keyword : Rule of law.

ISSN: 1693-4296