Kondisi Kesehatan Mental Setelah Restrukturisasi pada Pegawai Pemerintah Daerah Ditinjau dari Perubahan Jabatan Struktural

Retno Kumolohadi


This research aim to to express difference of condition of health bounce at natural local government officer restructuring at the time of area autonomy. Officer grouped to become three that is functionary group, staff group and natural group of friction of position from head become staff. Research Sampel is officer one of the technical institute of area amount to 102 people. Data expressed by using health scale bounce and analysed with ANAVA 1 Band. Result of Research indicate that there is very difference of signifikan of condition of health bounce among three compared to group (p=0.008). natural group of friction of position from head become natural staff of worst condition. This matter show the existence of not ready to natural officer of change, therefore needed by effort to supply x’self in face of crisis which possible happened during change distortion underway so that condition of health bounce do not experience of trouble

keyword : health bounce, occupation, restructuring.

ISSN: 1693-4296