Perbankan Islam di Indonesia (Studi Peraturan Perundang-Undangan)

Rahmani Timorita Yulianti


The policy on Islamic banking Indonesia ten years latter made a good progress. After struggling 19 years since it was sounded for the first time in 1973, Indonesian Muamalat Bank was born officially in 1992. It was a bank whose the syaria principles in its operation. Actually, the Act number 7, 1992, was not accommodate yet all the syaria principles, but enough for being the basic of coming of first Islamic bank. Furthermore, the existence of them, more confidence with the Act number 10, 1998 which stated clearly the Islamic bank co-existence with the conventional banks. The research aims to study the Islamic banking regulations and their support on the existence and the development of Islamic banking in the future. It is a library research with an interpretative description. The source of data was the primary law material of all regulation of Islamic banking, whether the acts and the regulation of Islamic banking or the decision letter of Indonesia Bank Directions. This research uses a philosophy analysis, namely the linguistic and the concept one. While in describing and understanding the texts of Islamic bank regulations, used the content analysis, that is a scientific analysis on the message of a communication, including the classification of the communication signs; the criteria of the basic classification; and any technique analysis as the prediction maker. The result of the research are, that the existence of the regulations on the Islamic banking in Indonesia up to 2002, significance enough toward the progress of Islamic banks. Since the born of the Act 7, 1992 on Banking; then the Act number 10, 1998 on the change of the Act number 7, 1992; the governmental regulation number 72, 1992; the decision letter of Indonesian Bank Directions number 32/34/Kep/Dir on Public banking based on syaria; and the decision letter of Indonesian Bank Directions number 32/36/Kep/Dir on People Credit Bank based on syaria principle, Islamic banking has been developing which supported by other finance institutions such as assurance, multi-finance, and soon whose syaria principle in their operation. However, there are a lot of thing must be recovered and protected by the wide umbrella of supported regulations in order to Islamic banking always run under syaria principles, wishing they will give more benefit contribution to the progress of Indonesian economic recovery.

keyword : Islamic Banking on Indonesia, Study, The acts Regulation

ISSN: 1693-4296