Pemikiran M. Rasjidi Tentang Hukum Islam

Yusdani Yusdani


This research investigates M.Rasjidi’s life denotes a social text that guiding muslim in Indonesia how to understand and apply the doctrine of Islam in dynamic Indonesia . The focus of research is M. Rasjidi’s thought on Islamic Law regarding the epistemology of Islamic law, why fiqh and jihad should review, and the ideal pattern of ijtihad in terms of facing the complicated and challenging problem of law in modern society. Based on the result of this study indicates that (1) according to M. Rasjidi Islamic Law both derives from Quran and Sunnah formally and the result of human reason, (2) in order to be able to answer the challenging of law in modern society, fiqh and ijtihad always should be reviewed, and (3) because of the complicated problem of law in modern society, the ideal pattern of ijtihad is interdisciplinary (collective)

keyword : Islamic of law, Thinking of M. Rasjidi

ISSN: 1693-4296