Pemikiran Akidah Humanitarian Hassan Hanafi

Asmuni M. Thaher


This research is done under the sadness of the weakness and uncapability of the islamic theology in facing the contemporary realities. Hassan Hanafi is one of the egyptian intellectual who are concern in calling the spirit of islamic theology in order not to be busy in discussing on God existence, but how it can assists the human being. The goal want to be reach is how the construct of Hanafi’s thought on his humanitarian theology and his position around the theology Arabic thought whether classic or contemporary one. The method of this research is the analitic descriptive with the steps: (1) collecting the data; (2) the interpretation of data; (3) writing activity. The result of the research those are; first the humanitarian theology of Hanafi is constructed under the spirit how the islamic theology is able to support the muslim life activities. The humanitarian theology should assist the human being (ad difa’ an al insan), not to assist the God (ad difa’ an illah). The noble of the theology is not from its objek (God), but from its influences to movement the people, to mobilize the society and to come to history rule. The theology is the faith of people and its spirit is the revolution. Secondly, the position of Hanafi’s thought around the muslim intellectual thought on theology can be explained, that is in muslim classic thought Hanafi tends to the rationalistic thought of Mu’tazila and ignore the thought of Asy’ari. While, in the contemporary muslim thought, Hanafi tends to stand in middle position, between islamism who believe that the greatness of Muslim depend on their consciousness to apply the Islam teaching with the calling to Qur’an and Sunna, and the secularism, who believe that Islam is the civilized (hadhari) religion, so it shoul open to the other civilizations.

keyword : the islamic theology, humanitarian theology of Hanafi

ISSN: 1693-4296