Dynamic Systems Modeling for Sustainable Economic Empowerment in Cilacap

Nurul Anwar, Nita Triana, Dani Kusumastuti


This paper investigates the dynamic problem of living system in Kampung Laut, Cilacap, which
includes social problems and ecological changes. The paper uses a dynamic system model to structure
the problems. The model simulates various feasible scenarios, from which the best becomes
the base to impose a policy to empower their sustainable economy. The model conceptualizes variables
related to the problem to build a figure of Causal Loop Diagram (CLD), which is then simulated
using Powersim 2.5 software package. Using the scenario of intensification and population
control, the paper finds that it can increase the people’s income, with positive trend until the end of
Keywords: Dynamic modelling, sustainable economic empowerment, causal loop diagram

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