Suliyanto Suliyanto, Siti Zulaikha Wulandari, Weni Novandari


Batik Purbaling

ga has a promising role to increase society’s welfare in Purbalingga. This study
aims at investigating the problems of and formulating a competitive strategy for Purbalingga Batik,
using an Analytical Hierarchy Process. It uses Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
and Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix to formulate a competitive strategy for Purbalingga Batik.
It finds that the operational factor, human resources, marketing, financial and business environment
are constraints to the formulating process, with operational factor as the dominant one. It
suggests that the Strength-Opportunity is the appropriate tool to develop a competitive strategy for
Purbalingga Batik.

Keywords: Competitive strategy, analytical hierarchy process, quantitative strategic planning matrix,
purbalingga batik
JEL classification numbers: D21, D22

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Economic Journal of Emerging Markets (EJEM)
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Published by:
Center for Economic Studies, Department of Economics,
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia.

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