Economic Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol 10, No 3 (2005)

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Dampak Pembangunan Ekonomi dan Keterbukaan Terhadap Pertumbuhan Kota di Indonesia Tahun 1970-2002

Asih Sriwinarti


This study uses Error Correction Model to test the relationship between urban growth (primacy) and size of country, economic development, density, industrialization and openness. We find that size of country (GDP) and density has less primacy in long term. The results are consistent with expectations from simple economic models of urban structure. In long term, primacy increases with economic development (GDPC), industrialization and openness.

Keywords: primacy, economic development, openness, Error Correction Model

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ISSN : 2086-3128 , Published by :  Center for Economics Studies Faculty of Economics, Universitas Islam Indonesia