Effect of Sand Fraction on The Behaviour of Sand-Bentonite Mixtures

Agus Setyo Muntohar, Roslan Hashim


Understanding characteristics of soil mixtures lead to increasing the confidence level before applying such materials in the field. The outcomes of this study can provide insight into the index properties and swelling- compressibility behavior of sand- bentonite mixtures, between non-swelling materials and swelling materi-als. Series of laboratory tests were conducted to evaluated index properties, compaction, strength, and swelling behavior of the sand-bentonite mixtures. The result of this study indicated that the existence of ben-tonite in the soil mixtures influence the swelling behavior, which follows hyperbolic curve model. Amount and size of non swelling fraction reduced the swelling and compressibility of expansive soils.

Keywords: expansive soil, swelling, sand-bentonite mixtures, index properties, geotechnical properties

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