Persepsi Pemukim di Kawasan Pantai terhadap Kerusakan Pantai (Studi Kasus Pulau Batam)

Ruzardi Ruzardi, Syaril Tamun, Buana Rochman


Batam Island is very strategic location and the economic growth have been very fast, it has been made transportation of goods and service in port as absolute shuold be pay attention. Such the Batam Island Growth quickly has result to go up farm exploiting. The growth also result growth of high economic and resident enough, so that coastal area one of the imigrant resident dwelling location. The minim of infrastructure, abrasi and coastal bank erosion, floods gristle and house condition which improper dwell to society / impecunious resident which living coastal to alongside tend to to destroy natural coastal protection. For that require to be seen by factors influencing damage of the coastal protection. By the Random Sample Technique and use Method Analyse Factor and determination of rangking of each coastal damage to handling with Descriptive Statistical Methods ( getting average value) and Chi squar test. All Method use data qualitative which is altered to quantitative data. Result of research show coastal setlement area of natural Island Batam of damage because did not apply of straightening of law (inforcement low), and then followed by Amdal factor and Planning setlement.

Kata Kunci: coastal damage cause

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PPST DPPM Universitas Islam Indonesia

ISSN: 1410-2315