Sistem Pelaporan Panen Kelapa Sawit, Karet, Produksi CPO (Crude Palm Oil) dan Inti Sawit di PTP Nusantara V Berbasis Short Message Service (SMS)

Muhammad Aji Priyatna, Rafialdi R. Abrus


To facilitate the management in controlling oil palm, rubber, CPO or palm kernel production, PTPN V
put into practice “Reporting System of Oil Palm and Rubber Harvesting and CPO and Palm Kernel Production
Based on Short Message Service” established internally by IT Department and supported by Agronomy and
Processing Department. The system was built using relatively reasonable price equipment namely: hand phone,
connector and 1 unit PC complete with supporting application developed by IT Department using Visual Basic
programming language, PHP and MySQL database server. SMS server sends daily production data
automatically to HP number of Directors, Head of Department/Bureau, General Manager, Manager and user
that already listed on database. The implementation of Production data reporting via SMS makes the production
delivery and monitoring process faster, and it will support the management in decision making process.
Keywords: oil palm, SMS, production and management

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