Tes Buta Warna Berbasis Komputer

Maria Widyastuti, Suyanto Suyanto, Fazmah Arif Yulianto


Color blindness is a condition where someone could not see the difference between
two colors or more. There are some color blindness classifications, and so there exist some
methods to test whether or not someone has color-blind symptom (and if so, in what
classification). Ishihara test is a standard and simple world wide-known and used test.
Ishihara used 38 pages filled with multicolored dots which some of them resembles numbers
or colored-path.
There are two most important disadvantages of using Ishihara test tool. First, the tool
(book) is not easy to find (or buy), so anyone who wants to take the test usually go to the
doctor or some eye-specialist clinics. Second, the images shown in the book were static. It
means we can cheat the test by memorizing each number(s) appeared on every page.
Computer-based test can solve those two problems. The application has been
evaluated and tested in Rumah Sakit Mata Cicendo Bandung. The result shows, that this
particular application can classify up to eight color-blind types (protanopia, deuteranopia,
weak protanomali, weak deuteranomali, strong protanomali, strong deuteranomali, and both
monochromat complete color blindnesses).
Keywords: color blind, Ishihara test

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