Seminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi Informasi (SNATI), 2010

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Critical Success Factor of E-Learning Effectiviness in a Developing Country

Jazi Eko Istiyanto, Untung Rahardja, Sri Darmayanti


     Many research has been done on information technology planning effectiveness in a developing country,
this paper takes a step further in examining such factors in Indonesia, which is also a developing country. The
results have surprisingly shown that empirical data produced in Indonesia is not consistent to those researches
conducted in other developing countries. Hence we come to conclude that a study of one developing country on
E-learning Effectiveness cannot and should not represent all developing nations in the world. One should
carefully study the regional cultures and background that will eventually help to determine one different IT
behaviors to another. For research to become effective, hypothesis should be tested on several different
countries and then follow by paying attention on similar behavior on the results before drawing the conclusion.
Based on some previous research about E-learning Effectiveness in a Developing Country, we perform similar
research in Indonesia on the 6 hypothesis research model previously performed in Kuwait [1].
    Index Terms — Information Technology Planning Effectiveness, Developing countries, Indonesia

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