Seminar Nasional Aplikasi Teknologi Informasi (SNATI), 2010

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Ardi Hamzah


Good information technology governance based on determining the level of integration and control of the
organization on information technology investment in a business organization. The existence of the organization
controlling the level of integration and harmony will create integration between information technology with
business activities ranging from line level, the functions and areas of the organization. In the initial stage, the
intrinsic value of information technology should be incorporated fully into every aspect of the business not only
on information technology functions. Given this, the need for strategic planning and good governance for the
organization and the alignment of information technology with organizational goals and taking into account the
internal and external resources. In the use of information technology is necessary for selection of good
information technology and organizational effectiveness. Use of information technology is based on the
determination of policy, either through advice, regulatory and informational, on each line, function and areas of
the organization. By conducting studies related to the performance of alignment usage of information technology
and business activities as well as further improving organizational performance.
Keywords: information technology

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