Analisis Kinerja Remote Server Administrator untuk Managemen Jaringan Komputer

Agung Priyamanto


In the computer networking world, administration and configuration in a UNIX based server are usually
performed in terminal or shell in which administrator interact with the server. This is common for administrator
that is used to interact with Command Line Interface or shell. For those who have not used to it will have a
great obstacle to deal with . Thus, there are many people created web based application to perform admnitration
on UNIX server such as webmin. But, o have web based network manajement application, a server must has web
server services.This prequisite will not be a problem for a server that is designed to perform web application.
But for dedicated server having services not web application, it will bring a compromise in consideration
especially in security and reliability issue. Additional web application will bring concequences to open several
port. That is obviously incereases server vulnerability. In other hand, additional web application will take some
resources of a server which are actually designed for certain services. Thus, our previous research has promote
an RSA application to manage a server. RSA is web application to manage remote servers. Connection between
user and RSA performed using http port while connection between RSA and remote server performed using SSH
port. So, a server doesn’t have to open additional port except SSH port that is ussualy already opened for
administration purpose RSA was developed using CGI-PERL script with APACHE as it web server. Several
services that can be configure using this RSA are APACHE web server, BIND name server and SQUID proxy
server. Unfortunately, after observing this application further, we found that this solution has it’s own
disadvantages. This paper will speak about the result of RSA application analysis.

Keywords: RSA,Network Analysis, Network Management, Server Adninistration

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