“Terpasung Tak Terasa” (Melihat Eksistensi Politik Perempuan HTI)

Zusiana Elly Triantini


Reformation has brought about various models of thought, including fundamentalist Islamic
thoughts, one of them being Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI). HTI offers various concepts
that are controversial, including the concept of khilafah as an alternative to the
collapsed political and governmental systems of Indonesia. One of its controversial concepts
is that of political role of women which is gender biased and combines sociological
and theological domains. This paper reveals that such a bias is caused by the method of
interpretation of texts, which is literal or textual, by which the texts have to be understood
as it is explicitly written, not implicitly. This tends to reject other understandings that are
logical and contextual, using historical interpretation.
Keywords: reformation, HTI, women, gender-biased.

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