Kebijakan Birokrasi dalam Upaya Pelayanan Publik Berkualitas

Kisno Hadi


Qualified bureaucracy public services are very much needed in the new global trend. Every
local government has to respond it and take necessary actions innovatively. This research
explores about how to create qualified bureaucracy public services, and how is the best
practices of bureaucracy public services in accordance with regional society. To elaborate
on the issues this research maps out bureaucracy reform which has to be done by regional
government, and asserts an example about the process of qualified bureaucracy public
services in a smallest unit in the government structure. This research reveals that to
create qualified bureaucracy public services need strong commitment of regional leaders
and their stakeholders through among others: reorientation of service mission; changing
service culture; creation of service based education; choosing service culture based political
leaders; strengthening civil society control.
Keywords: bureaucracy, qualified public services, reform, strong commitment.

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