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Indonesia had faced some natural disasters which is happened in Lombok, Palu, and Sunda Strait. During the disaster happened, every people in Indonesia like victim, citizen around the affected/hostile area, till government needs a lot of information. As usual, when the disaster was happening, the victims want to know their family, the evacuation area or evacuation route, and also the lists of crisis centers to fulfill their needs. Not only victim, but media houses and governmental sector who are involved in disaster’s rescue and restoration also need huge information to map the affected area. So, the media can publish it on their own media and government can instruct and decide something from the factual information. To make it fast, accounted, and based on facts, National Disaster Management Authority or known as BNPB gather a huge number of journalists, civil servants in governmental sectors and also every board who are responsible to the disaster management in a WhatsApp Group called Medkom Bencana. As long as writer knows, till today there are 7 groups of Medkom Bencana which were created by BNPB. In order to know the reason of creating Medkom Bencana, the information are accepted, classified, and shared by BNPB, and the processing of gather information directly from disaster area, the writer interviewed Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, as man behind of this successful model of “single door” of natural disaster information. From his statement, the usage of new media like WA Group; Medkom Bencana could decrease the resistant of natural disaster information, especially hoax issues of disaster.


Keywords: disaster communication ; hoax issues ; medkom bencana ; WhatsApp ; BNPB

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Healza Kurnia Hendiastutjik, University of Indonesia

Master Student of Communication Department University of Indonesia

Effy Zalfiana Rusfian, University of Indonesia

Lecturer of Communication Department University of Indonesia