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Environmental issues which are heavily reported in various media are interesting to be explored using media ecology theory in terms of media coverage. Many forms of media in diverse information display, allow audiences to get information richly and from various perspectives. This is made possible by the development of technology that also includes the development of media and the emergence of new media such as online media to provide information with a wider range than the previous era without new media. Media ecology was triggered by McLuhan based on the statement "medium is the message" and McLuhan viewed that a media and message cannot be separated, they are unity. Based on literature review of journals and online media, it can be said that media acts as a message is received by the public as important information and become a part of their daily lives. Media in the form of films, online news portals, social media, videos, photography are the extension of the issue that the world wants to convey to the problems of what the trending is. Technology provides that information and the media becomes a communication forum for various forms and content stick on it.

Keywords: media ecology ; environmental issues ; medium ; technology

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Nadiah Nur Fatinaa, University of Indonesia

Master Student of University of Indonesia, Salemba,

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dr. Eriyanto Dr. Eriyanto, University of Indonesia

Lecturer of Communication Department University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia