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The purpose of this study is to examine public engagement with the hashtag campaign #CampurLGBT as portrayed by Malaysian Netizens’ response on social media. In analysing this, the aim of the campaign and Malaysian Netizens’ awareness of the #CampurLGBT campaign are also investigated. The AIDA model for marketing communications and advertising is used to discover to what extent Malaysian Netizens are engaged with the campaign. Netizens’ response to the campaign, such as their comments, discussions and even pictures posted under the hashtag #CampurLGBT, are analysed to also determine how the campaign may influence their views on the LGBT lifestyle. This study finds that despite the campaign being successful in recruiting followers and supporters of the movement, the number of those supporting it is relatively small compared with those who are against it. This is mainly because those who responded to the campaign are mostly concerned with the practice being prohibited in Islam. Those who are against the campaign are also concerned with health implications that the culture might bring if it is legalised and accepted as a norm.

Keywords: public engagement; AIDA model; LGBT; #CampurLGBT

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Noor Amirah Asraf, UITM Shah Alam, Malaysia

UITM Shah Alam, Malaysia

Puteri Sarah Hanim Mohamad Shaiful, UITM Shah Alam, Malaysia

UITM Shah Alam, Malaysia