Social Media Exposure among Children Leads to Growing Numbers of LGBT Community in Malaysia

Noor Farihah Rozali, Zulkifli Abd Latiff, Nor Amira Baharuddin


Many past studies have showed several negative effects of the internet and social media on children including increased risk of exposure to pornographic material, internet sexual addiction, and greater exposure to pedophilic predatory relationships also on LGBT. LGBT is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender yet another term that is worrying among parents in Malaysia as it become increasing in our community day by day. In social media like Instagram and Facebook, we can see that LGBT community become more aggressive to show their movements and clearly want to be as a role model to other people. This situation might influence our children’s behavior and thought. Thus, this paper aim to study on social media exposure among children leads to growing numbers of LGBT community in Malaysia. The results from this study will be significant to many parties including media as they can control the movement of LGBT community in the social media and parents also can control their children’s activities on social media to avoid them from get influenced by these LGBT community.


Keywords: LGBT; Social Media; Children


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