Transparent communication in public agency - communication study of internal organizations in the process of public information services in sleman regency, Indonesia

Ahmad Muntaha, Widodo Muktiyo, Drajat Tri Kartono, Sudarmo Sudarmo


Transparent communication is practiced by public bodies and corporation, but research on transparency in public bodies in Indonesia - after the era of Public Information Openness - has never been done. This study aims to reveal in depth the process of establishing transparent organizational communication in the Government of Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province, Indonesia.

The method chosen is qualitative research with a single case study approach (Yin, 1995). Data on the process and practice of transparent communication, as well as communication transparency attributes (substantive information, participation, accountability, secrecy) were collected through content analysis on two websites managed by the Sleman District Government; and in-depth interviews with staffs and Secretaries of the Communication and Information Agency (five informen) with an interview guide instrument.

Research results are as follows: 1) The process of establishing transparent organizational communication in the Sleman Regency Government was initially top-down and slow, from the Government to the citizen. Over time, the process of being "bottom up" increase in speed. After that, the speed of communication keep increasing in a continous manner and interactive-equivalent. 2) The strategic process of communication carried out by the Government is: (a) preparation,  (b) setting up and installing internet equipment, (c) staffing of programmers, operators, information servants; (d) testing of service tools and information systems online and offline; (e) implementation; (f) monitoring, evaluation, and improvement; 3) Attributes of transparent communication have been applied in various ways: especially Substantive information: manifested in the type of All Time Mandatory Information, Periodic Mandatory Information, and Mandatory Immediate Information.


Keywords: transparent communication, substantive information, participation, accountability, Sleman Regency Government

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