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In the past decade, the number of community-based animal protection movements has shown a significant increase in Indonesia. These groups are actively fighting for animal rights, protection, and conservation while continuing to expand the influence and attract new members through various channels, especially social media. This article seeks to see the contribution of the social media strategy used by animal rights groups to the three basic elements of a social movement: collective identity, actual mobilization, and network organization. How social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, are used by animal rights groups to achieve their ultimate goal as a social movement. This analysis also seeks to map the character of the movement for animal protection in Indonesia in the realm of new media based on their ideology, strategies, and objectives they want to achieve.

Keyword: Animal protection movement; social media; social movement

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Angga Prawadika Aji, Universitas Airlangga

Department of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Science

Universitas Airlangga,

Surabaya, Indonesia