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Aceh suffered deforestation significantly, with the consequences of environmental damage konsekensi comes in the leuser ecosystem. This causes the animals habitats disturbed and disasters are increasingly threatened. Environmental degradation can be mengakibakan the forest disappears and higher poverty, especially in rural areas. The farmer blamed as the main agent of forest damage the leuser ecosystem, while the Government never gave a capacity of forest management with good to society. Teoritik approach to using political ecology approach (Robbins: 2004). This research used the qualitative case study in techniques used are interviews and focus group discussions with related information, i.e., community and non-governmental organizations. The results of this study reveal the environmental advocacy communication can encourage the Government of Aceh to provide ground objects Reforma Agraria (TORA) and Social Forestry, applying a policy of budget transfers based ecological as the program store our forest land through tatakelola and the Government to prevent deforestation education environment.


Keywords: Poverty, Advocacy, Communication Environment.

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Safutra Rantona, Padjadjaran University

Padjadjaran University

Oekan Soekotjo Abdoellah, Padjadjaran University

Padjadjaran University

Iriana Bakti, Padjadjaran University

Padjadjaran University

Herlina Agustin, Padjadjaran University

Padjadjaran University