The Role of Environmental Communication in Overcoming the Impact of Foreign Investment in Jepara

Yuni Retnowati


The investment increasing  of foreign manufacturing industry in Jepara has caused environmental problems such as pollution and abrasion. The rhetorical tradition is used to review this problem. The focus of rhetoric has been extended to include all human ways in using symbols to influence the surrounding in building  the world in where they live. The concept used in applying the rhetoric theory in the case that occurred in Jepara was environmental communication which would analyze cases of environmental pollution caused by industrial waste and abrasion caused by iron sand mining. The pragmatic function of environmental communication leads to educational, persuasion, mobilizing, and warning to overcome environmental problems. This research was a study of literature by searching for references to theories related to cases or problems which are found. References to theories obtained through the research of study of literature become the basic foundation and main means in analyzing problems in the research. Te result of study of litearature in this research showed that  the activity carried out is to intensify social campaigns related to environmental issues, conduct counseling and most importantly, improving government relations in conducting advocacy to encourage a policy that is pro on environmental issues

Keywords : pollution, investment, rhetoric tradition, environmental communication

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