Vanesa Bella Sadmego, Muchammad Nasucha


Heretofore, we are facing serious, complex, and also multi-global crisis situations in the earth. Pollution and environmental damage seem are happening everywhere. Environmental pollution continues to occur without any action has intervened by religious people to overcome them, even religion principally has taught people to life in harmony with others, as well as the environment. Looking at the crisis of natural damage getting worse, religious people should understand the religion in a substantive way which is they considered as a leader to preserve nature and provide prosperity, particularly in Indonesia context. Indonesia is famous or painstaking as a largest Muslim population in the world. The role of all religious leaders is crucial in this matter. Regarding the development of this case, the media as the vital agent is required to convey this information to the public, namely with online media which has enormous penetration, private and public space. This research aims to find out how the online news media frame religion and the living environment issue. The researchers used framing theoretical conceptual and methods that are taken from some authors as the framework, concern on some concepts, simply verbal and nonverbal attributes, are issue or news issue, actor(s) in news, story of news, metaphor or lexical aspects, and other elements that appear in online news. In this research the news selected by related keywords. The results show even the concern is similar the story or narration are various in presenting issue of important stance of religion in dealing with environment. Some nonverbal features used to describe how the story involving the crucial actors and the related event(s).

Keywords: Religion, Living Environment, Framing Analysis, Media Online

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