Exploring Desires and Maneuvering on Instagram Life: A Phenomenology Study

Syahida Mohd Nazri, Dr Zulkifli Abd. Latiff


Social networking sites have emerged as one of the most powerful technology advances many years ago. Instagram, has increased its popularity among different age groups of people, is version of the traditional photo album or scrap book only photos are uploaded through the Internet, using a smartphone as a vital tool. Instagram is the main tool to be investigated because; 1) Instagram has more monthly active users than Twitter (in January 2016), and a higher number of posts, 2) the number of posts is always higher in Instagram and Instagram is among the most popular applications have used for social networking. Issues with Instagram includes dysfunction well-being – to fulfil a need, disconnectedness – dependable and FOMO, sexual mismanagement – revealing clothes to gain likes and comments and presenting perfect appearance – to show nice images. This qualitative study is investigating university students’ age 18 to 29 years, using semi-structured interview questions. 10 informants will be selected from this study. The sampling technique is a non-probability sampling. The qualitative method is selected due to the appropriateness of the study matter as it adds depth, details, and meaning. The study is exploring the lived experience of students toward Instagram consumption and identified the outcome of the dysfunctional satisfaction. This study employs a uses and gratifications theory and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to seek the students’ gratifications when using Instagram. The instrument will be borrowed by several authors and will be pilot tested.


Keywords: Instagram, qualitative, gratification, well-being, uses and gratifications


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