Mediatization of Bribery at Sukamiskin Correctional Prisoner in Comics Journalism in Tempo Magazine Edition February 12th, 2017

Rana Akbari Fitriawan, Catur Nugroho


The verdict of the judges against the defendants in the corruption case did not deter some of the grafter who had been thrown into The Sukamiskin Correctional Prisoner in Bandung. Even though they have held prisoners' status and are in prison, they are still trying to commit corrupt behavior by, among other things, bribing officers to the Head of the Prison, so they can get out of the place and enjoy free air even if only for a moment. This case became news in a number of mass media, especially mainstream media, through their journalistic products. Referring to the mediatization theory of Stig Hjarvard complemented by the mediatization of journalism from Kammer, this short article attempts to unravel how corrupt behavior in the form of bribery carried out by grafters in Sukamiskin Prison was constructed into news in the comics jouralism format in Tempo Magazine February 12, 2017 .

Keywords: comics journalism, corruption, mediatization, media logic

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