Management Analysis of Mangrove Forest Protection Campaign and Rescue of Javanese Lutung in Muara Gembong Through SaveMugo Movement

Isfan Harun, Mutia Dewi, Nadia Wasta Utami


SaveMugo (Save Muara Gembong) is a non-profit independent campaign movement and focuses on the goal of being able to restore the function of mangroves in Muara Gembong due to the many functions of mangrove land. Another focus is to save the endemic animal populations of Javan langurs in Muara Gembong that are threatened as a result of the decline of Javan langur habitat and threats from illegal hunting.

                The method used in this study using descriptive qualitative study approach. In this study using data collection techniques, namely data interviews by interviewing SaveMugo volunteers and Pokdarwis Alipbata representatives and direct observations in Muara Gembong, as well as secondary data in the form of library studies

                The results show that SaveMugo as the implementer of the Save Muara Gembong movement performs the management stage. At this stage SaveMugo's planning campaign in analyzing problems was carried out by conducting a survey to investigate what problems were occurring in Muara Gembong and the facts on the ground, the aim was to restore the function of mangroves and maintain the population of Javan Lutung primates, the target of this campaign was everyone from the local community to the government, to the strategy by establishing Pokdarwis Alipbata sedangan for sources of funds derived from private activities, government and ecotourism. In this organizing stage the campaign was to carry out the division of labor in which the division of tasks and work was carried out by the ability of each field. In the implementation phase of the campaign run the realization of elements of the campaign such as recruitment of volunteer candidates conducted every year and conduct training to prospective volunteers. To select campaign deliverers, prioritize experienced volunteers involving Alipbata Pokdarwis, for campaign channels using new media such as the internet and conventional media, as well as action and campaign monitoring to see how far the program has taken place. In the evaluation stage because this campaign is still in the process, the evaluation is carried out not only based on the response but also on what action is taken. This is because the Save Muara Gembong Movement campaign is a campaign to change the environment where if only the response cannot be achieved the goal is to restore the mangrove land and save the Javan langur, but direct action is needed to overcome the existing problems.

Keywords: Campaign Management; SaveMugo Movement; Mangrove Forest Saving Campaign and Javan Lutung Protection

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