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Vast internet adaptation and usage by society in almost whole the world has implied the dynamic of people behavior, including in Indonesia that [is] noted as the largest Muslim country in the world. Nowadays people can learn anything by accessing internet, including about how to interpret relation of religion and environment. So that, individuals can seeks and acquire explanation of it by click mouse or pad on their gadgets. They no need to attend to scholar of religion (preacher(s) or ustadz/ustadzah) to know about the interpretation and explanation of many issues, cases, etc. Based on this reason I formulate the aims of this research are (1) how the interpretation of relation of religion and environment have presented by authors or writers on internet, (2) How various the interpretations of it? (3) And how they display their logic on this topic?. By using text analysis, predominantly based on rhetoric theory this research is taken place. The judgmental-convenient sample technique used to select the source of internet as the research data source. Conclusively, this research find that the interpretation on relation of religion and environment based on the similar verses and hadith, even the examination and explanation more various, and based on personal perspective which may be traced from the reference of traditional or previous religion scholar. The famous conclusion or interpretation about it is that environment as GOD creatures also react and behave naturally, and the damage or calamity that have happened because of human creation.

Keywords: Social Interpretation; Religion; Environment; Internet.

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Muchammad Nasucha, University of Al Azhar Indonesia

University of Al Azhar Indonesia – Communication Science Department